Welcome to Magic Set Editor Modern 2! 

We are a custom Magic the Gathering format featuring over 8,000 new cards created, played, and curated by over a dozen designers.

MSEM2  is entirely free to play and boasts an active, friendly, and competitive Discord community.

If you love to brew new decks and explore never before seen angles, then MSEM2 is the format for you.

A fan of organized play? We run a monthly Grand Prix Swiss tournament on top of twice monthly Swiss Skirmishes. Players reaching high point totals are invited to the Pro Tour Event each August.

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MSEM2 Format Staples

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MSEM2 Instigator

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Disclaimer: MSEM2 is intended for playing with custom cards only, and is not used to create nor distribute counterfeits of real items produced by Wizards of the Coast, Konami, or other companies. No custom card attempts to pass itself off as a real Magic the Gathering card.

MSEM2 is not associated with Magic Set Editor. I personally have created this site to host my own independent events using sets designed by MSE community members.

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