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Champion Spotlight: Grand Prix Geneva's "The Rock" by JustNobody

A few weeks before GP Geneva, a friend showed me a deck he was excited about. It had the shell of a Temur combo list – packed with mana acceleration and card selection – and it killed with Savage Congregation. We played a few games. His deck was powerful when it went off, but it was fragile. It struggled against disruption, and couldn’t always beat aggro in a race. I had never encountered Savage Congregation before. But the card intrigued me, and I felt that in the right shell I could find massive untapped potential. ​ As I browsed through low power creatures for potential combo pieces, my main thought was that it was more important for the deck to be strong without Savage Congregation than

Grand Prix Geneva

February has rolled around and with a new patch (and finally some new sets to bolster up the format) we are heading into our 7th monthly Grand Prix here in MSEM2. Previous Grand Prix have had their share of innovative decks but mainstays such as UR Tempo have been at the top of the ladder. Most of the cards in those decks boast the highest play rate and win rate among cards in the format. This time around however, with three new sets adding in plenty of needed midrange options, we hope to see some new all-stars climb to the summit. Here are our participants' decklists. Simply mouse over the card names to see them. UPDATE: MARCH 7TH In lieu of the upcoming GP Hong Kong, I've gone and updated


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