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Grand Prix Hong Kong

It's once again time for our next monthly Grand Prix Event. Debuting in just two days, Grand Prix Hong Kong is looking to be a smaller event, with only 8 players currently locked in. Of course, there's a day and a half left to register so if you just plumb forgot to sign in, go ahead join before it's too late! Now as per usual, as the tournament host, I'll be sharing my deck here with you today. A big shout out to Herzi for the wealth of Plagues of Fretport cards in this list, it's looking to (hopefully) be a neat take on a UR archetype that isn't UR tempo. Once the Grand Prix is over, I'll be happy to go into more detail on the deck but for now, keep an eye out on this article in the next

MSEM2 March Update, Tournament Announcement and Spring Submission Deadline

A little late to the party but better late than never. In this update we have the March Patch Notes, the Pre-GPH Patch, the Grand Prix Hong Kong Announcement, and the Deadline for Spring MSEM2 Submissions. MSEM2 March Changelog Since we don't have any new sets this month, we've spent some time polishing the sets that we already have, updating some arts, formatting some overlapping text, and correcting some misspelled card names that slipped by. New to MSEM • The Ally Abandoned Lands from KLC, the Enemy Cycle Lands from TGE, and the Enemy Handlands from TWR have been added to the Land Bundle. • justnobody's Master Chef joins the ranks of MSEM Champions. Balance Changes/Bans None! Card Fi

Champion Spotlight: Grand Prix Fort Lauderdale's "UR Tempo" by WindyDelcarlo

Entela Spells (UR Spells) (Entela is the UR Faction on a plane called Volaria, if you were confused) Esia, hi, and greetings in whichever language you decide you want to function on for today. I want to put this really simply: Izzet Spells is an archetype I'm well known for in basically every playgroup I'm a part of. My first standard deck was Guttersnipe/Young Pyromancer, my first modern deck was Delver. I play Izzet Tempo in Canadian Highlander and, of course, I went into a UR Spells list. On one hand, the deck construction, at least initially, seems pretty simple. Some spells, some creatures that like spells, and go. Given it's been a while since GPF and some new sets have come out, I'm

Grand Prix Fort Lauderdale

Well, we're in March now and GP Fort Lauderdale was not only in January but also occured before the February update but in the grand tradition of "knowing where to go, by knowing where you've been" we're adding in some of the missing content from previous tournaments. GP Fort Lauderdale was a 10 person tournament and saw two very strong decks making their way through the tournament unopposed until they met in the semi-finals and then once again in the finals: Windy's UR Tempo and Sylph's Bg Demons. However, like all tournaments only one deck emerged victorious and once again UR Tempo took the trophy home, cementing its position as one of the, if not the top contender in MSEM2 at the time. F

Allies and Enemies and Lands Oh My!

Let's get right down to the nitty gritty. In real Magic: The Gathering, we all know that nonbasic lands are unbalanced in terms of printing. For example, lands such as Bad River (Slow Fetches) simply don't have enemy equivalents. For a long time Wizards pushed incomplete cycles because they felt that enemy color pairs shouldn't work "as well" together. Well now that they've changed their ways, we want to make sure this change is reflected in MSEM2. Since many of these sets are designed individually and meant for limited, not every set will have complete cycles (10) of dual lands. As such, we now allow designer's who have sets in MSEM2 to submit the "Missing Pieces" of these land cycles to t


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