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Grand Prix Jyväskylä - Ongoing Updates

For the first time, we'll be providing day to day coverage of GPJ for posterity. Keep an eye here for the updates and data as the tournament progresses. May 13th 2018 The Grand Prix begins with 13 players ready to face off. The midnight start date means things kick off quietly though players heavily discuss the meta for this GP over on Discord. Facebook Users Grant Granado and Ulysses Maurer from Magic Set Editor Alliance state that "some of these cards look disgustingly good" and that a "turn 2 flier 5/5 spawned at instant speed seems kinda strong." Other members express interest in joining so that's a plus for us. Windy and Herzi face off in Game 1 of GPJ with Windy taking the lead 2-1 in

Grand Prix Jyväskylä Decklists

13 players face off this time around as we slowly edge closer to the end of Season 1 of MSEM2. Two more Grand Prixs left after this one! As you can see the meta seems to be slowly forming as we se start to see more decks take on the best and favorites the format provides. Good luck to all our players!

Champion Spotlight: Grand Prix Istanbul "Rock On" by JustNobody

Congratulations to our returning champion justnobody! While we wait for our champion to write up an article if he so wishes, here's the decklist. Looks like The Rock continues to outperform the competition. Will our two new sets shape up the meta enough to change that next GP?

May 1st Updates - New Sets and More

"Due to large numbers of changes to cards, it is highly recommended you delete your downloaded images (located at LackeyCCG/plugins/msemagic/sets/setimages/)" New to MSEM • High Noon and Langor have entered the format! • justnobody's Champion Dark Rite Cultist kicks in the door. • Failing Port has been added to PFP after being accidentally removed before release. • The WB and GU mana rocks Sigil of Martyrdom and Sigil of Creation have been added to the Land Bundle to finish the cycle from AFM and KZD. • Daisite Outlaws brings thirty new ruffians to MSEDH, including five commanders. Other Card Changes • Amil the Seeker's mana cost has been reduced to 3GW (from 4GW). • Cunning Cephaloma


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