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Grand Prix Kyoto Decklists

10 players face off this time around as we begin the penultimate tournament of Season 1 of MSEM2. One Grand Prixs left after this one before we hit the Pro Tour and Season 2! Remember that these decks are presented minus Sideboards since players will have until midnight of Sunday to submit them. Good luck to all our players! UPDATES Sunday, June 10th: Sideboards have been added and the pairings are up! Grand Prix Kyoto begins!

Grand Prix Kyoto, June Updates, New Grand Prix Rule and More!

Grand Prix Kyoto Page and Sign Up Links Main Page Sign Up Grand Prix Kyoto is this month's Grand Prix. No new sets are being introduced but we do have a few card changes and fixes to go over first. Thanks to Cajun for this update list. New to MSEM • Cajun's Champion Saigura Tam approaches! Card Updates • Aleryn, Trapseeker//Aleryn, Dungeon Disabler has been reworked. > Aleryn, Trapseeker now costs 2RG (from 1RG) and creates a 1/1 Elemental token on landfall and then transforms if you control at least three Elementals. It no longer taps for mana. > Aleryn, Dungeon Disabler has a starting loyalty of 4 (from 2). His +1 now deals 1 damage whenever a creature you control attacks this turn. Hi


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