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MSEM2 Summer Sets Announced!

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone else , may I have your attention please! We are proud to introduce into the format the following two new sets: • Tales of Old Jiangshi • Pirates of Caitisan (You can click the sets above to download the set files) The sets submitted this round were more neck and neck than our previous release, but Jiangshi and Caitisan pulled ahead of the pack. Runner up and honorable mention goes to Carpe Arcanum! We have gone through these sets and addressed our issues and planted our red flags. Anyone is free to check out the set files over the next two weeks and bring up any issues they may have before release. Maybe you saw an interaction we didn't, maybe our red

Grand Prix London Decklists

13 players face off this time around as we begin the final tournament of Season 1 of MSEM2. Next month we have the Pro Tour and Season 2's first Grand Prix! Remember that these decks are presented without Sideboards since players will have until midnight of Saturday to submit them. Good luck to all our players! Sideboard 3 Duress 2 Seal the Tomb 3 Coppergild Mercenary 3 Vampire Nighthawk 4 Shadow Sky No Sideboard Submitted

Champion Spotlight: Grand Prix Jyväskylä and Kyoto "Cat Tax" by Cajun

Allo there, Cajun here with Cat Tax (or RW Prowesswalkers), the deck that took GPJ and GPK with barely a scratch. While people seem to be calling this the newest meta deck, I think there’s a lot of right-place-right-time to the deck. Learning from Failure In the previous two GPs I ran walker-focused decks that rocked a solid 0-4 record. The planeswalkers were quite resilient in our meta, just no one had found the shell to abuse that resilience yet. The best was Sylph’s 4th place finish in GPH with a similar deck that went ham on protecting its walkers for a weak early game but a inevitable late game. Replacing the deck’s protection with bulkier creatures, burn, and the newcomer Azun, the dec


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