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Grand Prix Mars Decklists

Season 2 of MSEM2 fires off with a solid 12 contestant tournament. We have a good variety of different decks this time around, with some different takes on the same type of combo. Sideboards are due within 24 hours and will be added on to the decks.

MSEM2 Community Decks [August]

To continue supporting the MSEM2 Format, you can now check this article each month to see new decks being brewed by the community. Any deck created by a community member can be submitted (simply send the fancified decklist AND the regular list to @Timespiraled on Discord) and I will add it to the monthly article. Remember to check Event Decks for decks which represent the meta and designed for new MSEM2 players as well as the Featured Decks for the decks that saw play last Grand Prix. To Download any deck here, simply select the Download list and copy and paste into LackeyCCG. You will need to use the [PASTE] button which can be found here: Designed by: Timespiraled Description: Using some n

August 1st Updates

Here we are once again at another major milestone for the format! Lots of new cards, quite a few changes, and a whole new playing field as we step out of Season 1 and right on into Season 2. It may look like a small update, but make sure to click on the Release Note link to go to the MSE website for a lot more details about the new sets. New to MSEM • Tales of Old Jiangshi and Carpe Arcanum have been added to the format! • justnobody's Champion Rock // Roll storms the stage! Card Changes • The change to Aether Leak has been partially reverted with a cmc cap. Mana cost {X}{U} -> {2}{U}{U} converted mana cost X -> converted mana cost 6 • Arcane Genesis now counters the spell and exiles


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