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Grand Prix Wollongong [Season 2]

Welcome back folks to MSEM2's competitive scene. With no new full sets coming into the rotation this month, it's time to see if Death of Yakizma's revamps have caused any change in recent deck types. Here's our 13 decklists for the Grand Prix!

Encroaching Seasons - April and May

Time passes, seasons change, and the format that we knew so well is gone before we even know it. Welcome everyone to Encroaching Seasons, a new column that aims to detail the major changes in MSEM2 from month to month. We'll take a quick look at the major MSEM2 Changes that occured at the start of May, followed by a rundown of the biggest changes between MSEM2 decks from GP Ulaanbaatar (April) and GP Verona in May. Due to the chaotic nature of Skirmishes and the lack of deck visibility, we'll be sticking solely to the Grand Prixs as well as the buffs, nerfs, bans, and changes coming to us from the Council. For this first entry, we'll be doing a double look into both the months of April and M


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