HonchkrowDavid's "Fiverr" (GPE)

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What is Fiverr?

At first glance, you might look at this list and think it's a mess. And any way you slice it, you'd be right. Fiverr, at its core, is a perfect mess of a deck that ran through [GPE] with unrefined chaos.

On a second look, two cards in the deck should jump out at you: Expedition Outpost and Golden Touch. Out of the many different tools and options WAY gave us last release, the one mana artifact may not look impressive at first glance, but it's strength lies in the gold Scout token it produces. Golden Touch turns that little Scout into a massive 6/6 threat. Fiverr's main gameplan is a simple one. Stick these two cards together and start chopping away at your opponent's life total as early as turn 2.

The rest of the deck is built around balancing cheap threats that benefit from its five color nature while ensuring there are five colors in your graveyard in case you can't get a Scout token on the field. Fardancer Liege is an efficient threat that is surprisingly easy to cast off the mana base, Wisdom of the Leylines or Unquenched Greed are useful for filtering your hand and putting Soul of Iscathia into the graveyard, and Soul of Iscathia itself is a fast threat that can go over the top of board stalls to close out games.

Once Fiverr's gold core was established the deck was open to several different interpretations. I chose a more disruptive path, using the deck's five color gimmick to sleeve up a variety of hand attack, spot removal, and counter magic. 

The last few slots went to Xanigan as a way to close out games, Intrepid as a cheap mana fixing option that blocks well, and a single Spellfist Gaijin as an emergency option to put multiple colors on the board.


The Mana

The hardest part of the deck to build was the mana base. Since the key pieces of the deck were all a single color, the popular Angeltouched lands weren't an option. Fardancer Liege was another complication. In order to maximize it's efficiency, I needed to have a gold land come down untapped turn 1 or 2, so I was scraping the bottom of the mana barrel.


Eventually I found exactly what I needed: Northern Holdout. The Holdout turned any basic land, and even other copies of itself, into perfect mana.


Shrine of the Six Pillars was another all-star option. The deck only ran seven creature spells which meant that Shrine almost always provided any color of mana we needed.


The High Prairies was the final multicolored option and provided decent fixing even though it didn't stick around forever. Unfortunately there's no reliable way to fetch these lands without Intrepid, so sometimes you have to trust in the heart of the cards.


The Meta


Xerox Blitz/Aggro

This is probably Fiverr's most favored matchup and really shows how devastating Golden Touch can be. The deck is light on removal and even lighter on effective removal. Winning the die roll means your opponent has a single turn before they have to point double burn spells at your Scout token, and taking a turn off to burn down the token means you get to untap and cast Fardancer Liege. The opponent has ample creatures to block with, but in ground based matchups Golden Touch granting lifelink is back breaking. Effectively starting at 26 life means your opponent has to work that much harder to win game 1, and usually either Intrepid or Soul of Iscathia can close out the game before that. Post board game plan is effectively the same: bring in Wicked Weavings to help clear the board and keep turning scouts sideways.

Acey Deucy

Matchups like this are even at best. Keep hands with a higher density of Golden Touches because all of your opponent's discard is live against them. Pray you win the die roll and have enough discard to disrupt them first. You don't really mind cards like Monument, Unceasing Flames, or either of the Gyreon Smuggling effects. Post board game plan is relatively the same, bring in your Unassuming Swineherders to disrupt their graveyard synergies, Weaving for the board, and pray for turn 2 Golden Touch. Imperial Siege is an option here to remove one of their many nonbasics and shut them off a color.


If your meta is heavily skewed by control, please do not run Fiverr. This is easily the decks hardest matchup and one that's almost impossible to overcome. Control treats you like a midrange deck and punishes you for all the gimmicks that make Fiverr endearing. All is not lost, though. With the right combination of discard spells and counter magic, as well as a winning die roll, you can fight through this matchup. And Fiverr has the added benefit of being immune to Replicator Mage. That's the one thing this matchup has going for it. After game one bring in your Swineherders, Imperial Sieges, and Legends Remembered and hope you jank em out.

Cold Brew/Burn

This is another matchup that is heavily in your favor, as the 6 life per turn can be difficult for burn to overcome. Watch out for them passing turn one to burn down your Scout tokens and instead heavily lean on enchanting Fardancer Lieges with your lifelink aura. Post board bring in any number of Guiding Lights, Priest of Persecution, and Wicked Weaving. Your first Guiding Light should always name black to prevent them from sticking an option to nullify your lifegain.

Going Forward, Thinking Back

While Fiverr can be a fun surprise and a meta shakeup depending on the tournament, it isn't a secret S+ tier deck. Unfortunately there isn't much room to optimize the Golden Touch synergies, and as new sets get added I don't see that changing. That doesn't mean the deck is at its limits, however.


I found Unquenched Greed underwhelming in almost every match, and the dual blue/red color count in the graveyard hardly mattered. I'd recommend dropping these from future lists in place of more consistent card advantage like Seek Prophecy.


Spellfist Gaijin, while powerful, also felt homeless in this shell, and his slot could be better used as another form of disruption. I never felt confident bringing in Imperial Siege from the sideboard, and the slot could be better suited for enchantment removal or counter magic.


Elusive Mage, from recently released WAW, offers a cute form of protection- Expedition Outpost makes all your tokens humans. It might buy you a turn you need to close out games.


More efficient builds could abandon the five color midrange aspect all together in favor of a more controlling gameplan, using Golden Touch as a cheap finisher.


What did we learn from [GPE] and Fiverr? I learned that a turn two 6/6 with lifelink scratches all the itches I didn't know I had playing MSEM. What did you learn? Only time will tell.


Thanks for reading!