Jun 2, 2017

Mono-Green Jund Aggro


Edited: Jul 28, 2017



Welcome to Mono-Green Jund Aggro, where every nonland card is a creature, and every creature is green. This deck aims to quickly flood the board with aggressive, beefy creatures that are able to overrun and kill anything in their path.

The strict adherence to green creatures is due to Interan Soothsayer, which is probably the most impactful two drop in the deck, if not the most impactful creature period. Since it counts itself, as long as you have a turn 1 play, it's a 3/3 when you play it, and a 4/4 or even 5/5 when you go to actually attack with it on turn 3.


Declan, Wayward Squire effectively reads as giving all your creatures haste. With the efficient stats on all of your creatures, he's almost always able to swing in for a very solid amount of damage. However, as the game goes on and your hand empties, he starts to lose all of his usefulness, becoming little more than a +1/+1 buff for Interan Soothsayer. Duskwood Vanguard similarly is strong early, but quickly falls off as the game goes on. Acting as a reward for the very aggressive land base, with it's 12 fetches to 8 things to actually fetch, it will often be a full 4/5 when it attacks.


Aleud Beastmaster and Rauin Bay Admiral are both here to take advantage of the high creature count. Aleud Beastmaster will always be at least a 2/1 when it isn't blocked, but more commonly will hit for 3-5 damage. And if it's blocked, then that means one of your more expensive creatures was able to get in instead. Rauin Bay Admiral, as a 3/2 trampler, is already efficient for it's CMC, and our mana base has no issues with the double colour density. Against decks with few creatures, small creatures, or only late game creatures, he also dumps +1/+1 counters on the rest of your creatures every turn, increasing your inevitability. Note that both of these creatures, alongside Interan Soothsayer, all help offset the mid-to-lategame weaknesses of Declan, Wayward Squire and Duskwood Vanguard.



These three creatures all help punch through flooded board states; and are especially potent against token decks that otherwise would chump block you for days. Sera is a high investment, high reward creature, needing constant mana investments to keep her from dying, but able to kill off troublesome creatures turn after turn. Steelhoof Battlechief's two greatest targets for its buff are Interan Soothsayer and Sera of Coppercove. Targeting Interan Soothsayer lets your biggest creature get past any and all blockers, while stacking triggers properly with Sera helps offset the need to invest mana in her. Slayer of the Famed will often only be able to attack once, but is a near guarenteed 2-for-1 when it does.


For more lategame strength, we have Ser Malcomn and Warden of the Fronds. Due to the power of the Kora Duals alongside fetches, I anticipate Ser Malcomn will have plenty of lands to build off of. Admittedly he's a bit opposed to the strategy of the deck due to be at his weakest when the deck is trying to quickly close out the game, but his ability to constantly scale as the game goes on is worth it, in my opinion. Meanwhile, Warden of the Fronds is pure upside. With every nonfetch in our deck being a Forest, he will always be at least a 3/3 for three mana. And once you hit five, he becomes nearly impossible to deal with. Especially strong against control decks, due to the difficulty involved in trying to remove him.



4x Aleud Beastmaster (creature, 1/1, frenzy X where X is unblocked creatures, G)

4x Declan, Wayward Squire (legendary creature, 0/1, copies p/t of creatures when they etb until eot, G)

4x Duskwood Vanguard (creature, 0/1, landfall +2/+2, G)


4x Ser Malcomn (legendary creature, p/t = nonbasics opponents control, trample, GB)

4x Sera of Coppercove (legendary creature, 2/2, attacks if able, fights on attack, 1RG: +3/+3, RG)

4x Interan Soothsayer (creature, 1/1, +1/+1 for each green creature you control, G+tap: put a +1/+1 counter on green creature, 1G)

4x Raiun Bay Admiral (creature, 3/2, trample, gives other creatures you control a +1/+1 counter if it damages a player and survives, GG)


4x Slayer of the Famed (creature, 3/2, deathtouch, menace, must be blocked if able, 1BG)

4x Steelhoof Battlechief (creature, 3/2, trample, on attack another creature gets +2/+2 and trample, 1GG)

4x Warden of the Fronds (creature, p/t = Forests you control, indestructible with 5+ lands, 2G)

LANDS (20)

4x Amber Hills (green white shockfetch)

4x Grim Bastion (green black shockfetch)

4x Wayfarer's Shrine (pay 1+sac+tap: grab untapped basic)

3x Fungal Mire (forest swamp, enters tapped unless you control a matching basic)

2x Flourishing Crevasse (forest mountain, enters tapped unless you control a matching basic)

1x Forest (forest)

1x Mountain (mountain)

1x Swamp (swamp)


4x Tenacious Guide (creature, 2/2, can't be countered, R/G: target spell can't be countered, R/GR/G)

4x Wellspring of Creation (creature, 4/4, can't be countered, if sacced put it on top or bottom of library, 1GU)

4x Shinrin Spellhunter (creature, 3/3, flash, draw on etb if opponent cast a noncreature spell, 1GU)

2x Lush Oasis (forest island, enters tapped unless you control a matching basic)

1x Island (island)


For the sideboard, at the moment my only plan for combo decks is to try and get under them, and so have dedicated the board to helping me get through control matchups, adding blue to the mix for some powerful tools.

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    Jul 11, 2018

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    The Payloads (4) 1x Eternity Witch 1x Kai'Jun, the Annihilator 1x Liguno, Who Transcends All 1x The Infinite The Removal (13) 1x Echoing Sunder 2x Antithesis 2x One//Done 2x Shadow Sky 3x Refractors Gaze 3x Soul Leak The Tutors (6) 2x Tharyen's Machinations 4x Skull of the World The Carrionpult (1) 1x Carrionpult The Rest (11) 1x Echoing Determination 3x Publicly Disgraced//Kept Under Watch 3x Read the Bones 4x Council's Will The Lands (25) 5x Plains 5x Swamp 1x Forest 3x Wayfarer's Shrine 2x Amber Hills 2x Grim Bastion 1x Heart of the Glade 4x Gloomcover Steppe 2x Fungal Mire The Sideboard (15) 4x Seal the Tomb [Counters the mirror... er Holy Grixis] 2x Aether Snap [Tokens and Superfriends, beware] 2x Despise [For when we need to narrow our Council'ss] 3x Duress 2x Revoke [For when something absolutely has to die forever] 2x Antithesis [Hardcounter to our mortal enemy, tokens] Background A while back Xoltan and it's draft matters nonsense made it into MSEM. Most of the draft-matters cards were narrow or dead in Constructed. And then, there was Eternity Witch, "5WW - You lose the game." While it's a terrible spell, it's a great gift! Fateweaving 's 11 mana combo isn't even good enough for janktown, but then along came Carrionpult (ain't Ophorio great) and Oops All Life was born. The Strategy Our goal is a Carrionpult on the field and a Witch in the graveyard, which is actually rather difficult to pull off. The deck's real star is Skull of the World , allowing us to swing 1 of each. Typically we'll activate the Skull on their eot, fetch the Witch, then discard it on our turn to fetch the Carrionpult for the win. The Infinite or Into Strange Territories (cut from the GPD list) can help us reach that 9 mana turn easier. The deck grabs a few toolbox answers that we can grab with Skull to cover our butts, and all else fails, just beat face with Liguno and Kai'Jun, who survive the wraths. The deck needs some more tuning between the tutors, ramp, and removal, and doesn't have much of a backup plan, but when it works... Oops, All Life!
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    Oct 22, 2017

    Creatures (14) 4x Aleud Beastmaster 4x Duskwood Vanguard 2x Red Silk Dancer 4x Surging Kalak Spells (23) 4x Ranger's Guile 4x Fierce Instinct 4x Groundswell 4x Brute Force 3x Infuse Vitality 4x Roggar's Frenzy Lands (23) 10x Forest 5x Mountain 4x Flourishing Crevasse 4x Wayfarer's Shrine Sideboard 3x Guardian's Resolve 4x Tenacious Guide 2x Weapon Smash 3x Echoing Sunder 3x Flex ( Red Silk Dancer, Guardian's Resolve, Brothers in Arms, Technique of Hao'Tai ) Problem, officer? RG Infect aka Feed the Troll is a deck that tries to race the slower and grindier decks of the format by unloading enough power to potentially win the game on turn three. The key point of the deck is Duskwood Vanguard , an unassuming 0/1 Elf which on a perfect hand can swing for 12 on T2 or 18 on T3 thanks to Wayfarer's Shrine and Groundswell. Your mission is simple, land a creature as soon as possible, aim it at the opponent, then fill it full of pump spells and Kalak triggers until they stop twitching. Most decks object this this though, so we've got some extra firepower for them: Ranger's Guile and Guardian's Resolve shutdown all those pesky removal spells, with Ranger's Guile giving them an extra damage (or four) for their trouble, and Guardian's Resolve letting us scry and weather wraths. Roggar's Frenzy is enough of a reason to splash red, letting us punch extra damage, kill Clutch of the Coil, churn out tokens for any late games we find ourselves in, and just generally being a card you're happy to draw at any point in the game. Style points for using it to Frenzy your own Surging Kalak. Red Silk Dancer and Technique of Hao'Tai are our best options for tokens, making sure all those pesky things to run underfoot while providing a body or a crazy Kalak trigger spell in other matches. Tenacious Guide stops counterspells. Eats a lot of removal though. Weapon Smash and Echoing Sunder are our main weapons against artifact and enchantment based decks that prevent us from winning early. Brothers in Arms is just hilarious with Surging Kalak. This is mostly a fun-of card but is good for busting creature stalemates such as buttfighting. Room for Improvement The deck really wants a Gladecover Scout or a sturdy flier, and I'm really considering Swiftfoot Elk and even Winged Envoy for the slot, which would unfortunately means losing Roggar's or splashing two colors, although Duskwood Vanguard would love the fetches. On the flip side, Brute Force is fairly inefficient, and Giant Growth would be better here if we get it. And while the inspiration for the deck, Surging Kalak is really not pulling its weight. Dropping it and some lands for some more 1 and 2 drop creatures, perhaps Interan Soothsayer , may prove the better strategy for quick, decisive wins.

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