Aug 3, 2017

MonoRed Conflagration


Edited: Aug 3, 2017

Welcome to MonoRed Conflagration. It's Windy's deck, but with only 33% of the colours. Conflagration is a pseudo-combo deck that can win on Turn 4, more often wins on Turn 5, and has enough wraths and burn spells to hopefully weather the storm if it has to go longer to find its pieces.


Compared to the Temur version, MonoRed Conflagration has a few strengths and weaknesses.


  • More consistent and less painful mana base

  • Harder for opponent to interact with since it doesn't rely on creature or planeswalkers for ramp

  • Able to run wraths mainboard

  • Far more likely to go off Turn 4

  • Less disruptive card filtering


  • Less robust sideboard plan

  • Weaker card filtering

  • Less likely to actually get its sideboard plan when it needs it

  • While both decks have a roughly equal chance to miss the Turn 5 kill, MonoRed is more likely to continue to brick past that point due to lacking tutors and hard card draw

The center piece of the deck. Able to ignore lifegain and fogs alike, it quickly puts our opponent into Shock range. While resolving it generally means the game is won, the hefty cost means it's rare that you'll have enough mana to blank any Mana Leak effects.


Once you've resolved Planar Conflagration, these are your finishers. Temur Conflagration runs Scorch (sorcery speed Lightning Bolt) to allow it to remove larger creatures, but I prefer more instant speed finishers, to help in the mirror and/or to counteract any instant speed lifegain my opponent may have. You only really need one in hand when you resolve Conflagration (unless you're expecting them to have an answer you need to react to), so feel free to throw duplicates at your opponent's creatures to help buy you some time.




The all important ramp spells. The key part here is being able to grant two mana, even if only for a single turn. Thus letting us go from three mana to five mana to eight mana, even if we miss a land drop along the way. Iron Signet, while unable to tap for a wrath or burn spell when you play it, is still a four of due to it enabling the Turn 4 kill.

A simple wrath, to help keep us from dying before we're able to pull off Planar Conflagration. The variable mana cost means that against tokens and goblins and other decks with a lot of 1-toughness creatures, it's easier to cast a mana rock while still wiping their board in the same turn.


These are the ways we have to dig for our win conditions. Since most of our mana rocks are three mana, Manic Illusionist can be dropped on Turn 2 without interrupting the pacing of our combo. The double discard and double draw is fantastic for filtering through our deck to find that one card we need to fit everything together. Edge of the World, similarly, helps us dig without needing to take a turn off of assembling the combo, since it slots right into our land drop for any turn. Edge of the World is actually a large part of why I prefer MonoRed Conflagration over the Temur version; it gives me room to fit four copies of a utility land like this without worrying about an unstable mana base.



4x Planar Conflagration (4RRR; sorcery; each opponents life total = 2, your life total = 4)

4x Searing Script (R; instant; 2 damage to creature or player; 2RR to inscribe on creature so it casts for free whenever that creature attacks)

4x Melting Point (R; instant; 2 damage to creature or player)


4x Shal'Draen's Rage (R; instant; 1 damage to each creature; kicker 1R for 3 damage instead)

4x Manic Illusionist (1R; 0/2 creature; tap to discard two, if you do draw two)


4x Coalition Relic (3; artifact; tap for one of any colour; tap for one of any color at your next precombat main phase)

4x Iron Signet (2; artifact; tap for C; sac for one of any colour)

3x Sigil of Destruction (3; artifact; tap for B or R; tap sac for BR)

3x Sigil of Savagery (3; artifact; tap for R or G; tap sac for RG)


4x Magmatic Torrent (UR shockfetch)

4x Edge of the World (etb each player draws a card; tap for each player to get C)

4x Sunlit Highland (RW shockfetch)

4x Wayfarer's Shrine (pay 1 life and sac to fetch a basic)

10x Mountain (mountain)


4x Tenacious Guide (R/GR/G; 2/2 creature; can't be countered; R/G to make a spell can't be countered)

4x Enforce the Cycle (2G; instant; destroy artifact or enchantment; exile two cards from graves that share a type, if you do draw a card)

1x Flourishing Crevasse (mountain forest; enters tapped unless you control a matching basic)

1x Forest (forest)

3x Fatal Edict (2B; instant; each player sacs a creature; exile two cards from graves that share a type, if you do draw a card)

1x Lavatorn Fields (swamp mountain; enters tapped unless you control a matching basic)

1x Swamp (swamp)

To be brought in against decks with counterspells. Will generally slow down your combo by a turn or two to ensure you have enough to mana to cast Planar Conflagration and a finisher while also being able to protect it, but generally against control decks you have a few extra turns to work with anyway.


Enforce the Cycle gets rid of potentially dangerous artifacts and enchantments, while Fatal Edict deals with stuff too big for your wraths. Both have purge, letting them replaced themselves (there's rarely a matchup where you won't be able to exile at the very least some lands), while also giving you a way to bring in graveyard hate.


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