Playing MSEM2

Getting Set Up on LackeyCCG


Joining and playing MSEM2 is (relatively) simple. We know there's a few steps, so bear with us!

  1. Download LackeyCCG

  2. Open LackeyCCG and look along the tabs at the top for "Plugin". Click on it.

  3. Find the bar titled Paste Auto Update URL. Paste the MSEM plugin URL  ( in the box.

  4. On the right side of that box, hit "Install or Update from URL!"

  5. When the plugin tells you it's ready, open it, then click on the Deck Editor tab, switch the Format dropdown to MSEM if it isn't, and start making a deck!

  6. Connect to the game matching server on the Server tab to host or join games.

Getting Set Up on Cockatrice

For easiest updates, you'll want a separate version of Cockatrice for MSEM. This can be done by downloading a portable version of Cockatrice from here:

  1. Open Cockatrice and run Oracle.

  2. For the file sources, paste in the first window, then after that has downloaded.

  3. On the top menu, navigate to Cockatrice -> Settings -> Card Sources.

  4. Add the two links from Image download paths below. Ensure they are in the same order, and that "Download images on the fly" is checked.!setcode!/!set:num!!set:rarity!.jpg and!setcode!/!set:num!.jpg

  5. After patches, click the "Delete all downloaded images" button here to allow cards to update.

Becoming a Part of the Community


So why should you give MSEM2  a look? We know it can be daunting to jump into a format this large but that's why we're here. We're an active and growing community first and foremost. We're open and friendly and we love Magic or we wouldn't be here after all. We love playing and making custom cards and we want to give the chance for MSE members to submit and hopefully get a chance to play with cards that they've made.

For some, the idea of an entire format of new cards to be cracked and dissected is enough to get them intrigued. For others, the idea of getting others to play with cards they've created is tempting. For some, it's being part of a community that entices them. For the competitive players out there, being able to rack up Prix Points and earning bragging rights is what gets them going. Regardless of why you're here, we want you to know that we're glad to have you.

At the bottom of every page and duplicated here you'll find the link to our Discord. We'd love to have you.

New Player Resources

We highly recommend you check out previous Grand Prix decklists (accessed through the Articles  tab) and the MSEM Compendium.

For even more info, jump right into the Discord. We're always there to help playtest and build.

Submitting Sets to MSEM2

Players wishing to submit sets in the future should take note of the following:


Creating Your Set

Show your set to others before you submit it to MSEM. Get feedback, playtest, review and revise. The MSEM Council will no longer be writing comprehensive lists of problems with submitted sets before voting, so you would do well to have your set as complete as possible.

Submitting Your Set

Designers can submit a set for MSEM review following these restrictions:

  • They did not have a set accepted into the format in the previous release.

  • They only submit one set each release.

  • They have played in an MSEM event (League or Grand Prix) in the past six months.

  • The set does not have two strikes from previous submission attempts.

Sets should be submitted as an MSE file to a member of the MSEM Council (the Top Brass and/or ModSquad members of the Discord).

Upcoming MSEM Set Submission Dates

Set files should be sent in before 11:59 PM EST on the night of the deadline.

  • Spring Set Deadline: January 31st

  • Spring Set Release: March 1st

  • Summer Set Deadline: May 31st

  • Summer Set Release: July 1st

  • Winter Set Deadline: September 30th

  • Winter Set Release: November 1st.

Review and Acceptance

Every four months the MSEM Council will review and vote on the submitted sets. Those sets will be ranked according to their average votes (from 0-4). The two highest ranked sets will begin the process of being added to the format. Any sets that receive a 0 from half or more of the council will be given a strike, a warning that your set is below MSEM quality standards. Sets that have gotten two strikes will no longer be considered. The remaining sets are free to be resubmitted later on, and will have another chance of getting in with the Community Wildcard.


The top two sets will be chosen based on quality, mechanics and whether or not it breaks the format. Sets with many mistakes simply won’t make the cut. Those sets will be given the more comprehensive evaluation and proofreading before entering the format.


Sets being submitted will not be notified of major issues before time to vote. Be aware that once submissions close there is no longer any feedback/fix period. The sets will be voted on and then either accepted or rejected, period.


Community Wildcard

Every winter, the top sets from the previous year that meet our submission requirements will be put to a community vote. The following month, the top rated set will be reviewed and will be added to the format in a solo release.


Any community member who has played in an MSEM competitive event or finished 5 League matches in the last six months is eligible to vote, as well as any Council members who happen to have a set in the running. The current set files will be posted and voting will open. To vote, rank your top three sets that are on the ballot and send them to whoever is collecting the ballots (usually @Cajun on Discord).


In short, there will be a set submission and entry period every four months and we aim to select the two best sets each time, as well as a community voted wildcard set every summer. This will both increase the quality of MSEM2 and reduce issues of format bloat, and gives the meta more time to form.


Any and all questions can be sent to any member of the MSEM2 Council. You can easily find us on the MSEM2 Discord.