Allies and Enemies and Lands Oh My!

Let's get right down to the nitty gritty. In real Magic: The Gathering, we all know that nonbasic lands are unbalanced in terms of printing.

For example, lands such as Bad River (Slow Fetches) simply don't have enemy equivalents. For a long time Wizards pushed incomplete cycles because they felt that enemy color pairs shouldn't work "as well" together.

Well now that they've changed their ways, we want to make sure this change is reflected in MSEM2.

Since many of these sets are designed individually and meant for limited, not every set will have complete cycles (10) of dual lands.

As such, we now allow designer's who have sets in MSEM2 to submit the "Missing Pieces" of these land cycles to the Land Bundle set.

Currently, the Land Bundle contains the following lands:

  • Wastes: We figured these were a good idea to get into the format before any colorless matters occurs.

  • Command Tower: MSEDH is a thing. Command Towers are pretty much a must have so we weren't against adding them in.

  • Tapped Duals: These "common" dual lands always enter tapped but have basic land types. These were designed outside of any set and serve multiple purposes. First of all, since they are common they can be used in MSE Pauper (if that ever becomes a thing). Second of all, these are easily reprintable in any set needing duals at common or uncommon.

  • Hand Lands: The enemy color "hand lands/shadows over innistrad lands" from Tourney at Whiterun.

  • Abandoned Lands: The ally color "abandoned lands" from Kaleidoscope.

  • Shock Fetches: The enemy "shock fetches" from Khaliz-Doran.

  • Cycle Lands: The enemy "cycle lands" from The Golden Era.

In the future, you can expect to see more lands included into the Land Bundle as new sets get added. Keep an eye for new sets coming into the fomat in May 2018.

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