Grand Prix Fort Lauderdale

Well, we're in March now and GP Fort Lauderdale was not only in January but also occured before the February update but in the grand tradition of "knowing where to go, by knowing where you've been" we're adding in some of the missing content from previous tournaments.

GP Fort Lauderdale was a 10 person tournament and saw two very strong decks making their way through the tournament unopposed until they met in the semi-finals and then once again in the finals: Windy's UR Tempo and Sylph's Bg Demons.

However, like all tournaments only one deck emerged victorious and once again UR Tempo took the trophy home, cementing its position as one of the, if not the top contender in MSEM2 at the time.

For more information on Windy's UR Tempo deck, feel free to check out the Champion Spotlight article on that deck.

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