MSEM2 March Update, Tournament Announcement and Spring Submission Deadline

A little late to the party but better late than never. In this update we have the March Patch Notes, the Pre-GPH Patch, the Grand Prix Hong Kong Announcement, and the Deadline for Spring MSEM2 Submissions.

MSEM2 March Changelog Since we don't have any new sets this month, we've spent some time polishing the sets that we already have, updating some arts, formatting some overlapping text, and correcting some misspelled card names that slipped by.

New to MSEM • The Ally Abandoned Lands from KLC, the Enemy Cycle Lands from TGE, and the Enemy Handlands from TWR have been added to the Land Bundle. • justnobody's Master Chef joins the ranks of MSEM Champions.

Balance Changes/Bans None!

Card Fixes • Battlefield Priest now always has lifelink. • Curiosity and Duress have had their texts corrected. • Embrace Samang now uses an enters the battlefield trigger so it will count itself as intended. • Overkill has a temporary rider to prevent redirection to a player's planeswalker. • Rejuvenating Elemental now uses an as ~ enters replacement effect.

Name Changes Decklists using these cards will need to be updated. • Channel Emnity -> Channel Enmity • Crystalizer -> Crystallizer • Decorated Duellist -> Decorated Duelist • Guerilla Strike -> Guerrilla Strike • Imitater of Forms -> Imitator of Forms • Itava Scrouger -> Itava Scourge • Prophectic Blade -> Prophetic Blade • Rejuvination -> Rejuvenation • Ressurection Plea -> Resurrection Plea • Savanna Scout -> Savannah Scout • Savanna Warden -> Savannah Warden • Shifting Allegences -> Shifting Allegiances • Skysoverign Griffin -> Skysovereign Griffin • Tatical Manuevers -> Tactical Maneuvers • Verdent Sanctum -> Verdant Sanctum

Aesthetic Updates • You may want to delete these set folders from msemagic/sets/setimages to update images • Aftermath, Kaleidoscope, and Zero have had many cards changed to M15 Altered to fix textual issues • Savannah Warden (XPM), Gift of Eternity (NVA), Arina's Defiance (SOR), Rheila Rachy (KLC) and Bahum, Chiara, and Marzen (MIS) have updated art.

Pre-Hong Kong Patch • Curiosity's text has been corrected. For real this time. • Silence of the Guilty has changed to "Counter target spell unless its controller pays {1} and 3 life." • Missing counter scripts were added.

Grand Prix Hong Kong Grand Prix Hong Kong fires in four days. We already have 8 players registered but anyone can still jump in. Make sure to read the rules and get your decklists in on time.

Tournament Link

Sign Up Link

Spring Season Set Submissions The deadline for submitting your sets for consideration for the Spring Season is now set to be April 7th. New sets will be released and join MSEM2 in May 2018.

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