Grand Prix Hong Kong

It's once again time for our next monthly Grand Prix Event. Debuting in just two days, Grand Prix Hong Kong is looking to be a smaller event, with only 8 players currently locked in. Of course, there's a day and a half left to register so if you just plumb forgot to sign in, go ahead join before it's too late!

Now as per usual, as the tournament host, I'll be sharing my deck here with you today. A big shout out to Herzi for the wealth of Plagues of Fretport cards in this list, it's looking to (hopefully) be a neat take on a UR archetype that isn't UR tempo.

Once the Grand Prix is over, I'll be happy to go into more detail on the deck but for now, keep an eye out on this article in the next two days for all the participant's decklists and updates throughout the Grand Prix.

We're starting things off on a Sunday this time to give more players the chance to play some rounds before the work week kicks in.

So sit back and enjoy as we head into our 8th Grand Prix, here at MSEM2.


So here are our Grand Prix Hong Kong decklists! In the end we have a nice 12 player GP with some new faces in the mix!

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