May 1st Updates - New Sets and More

"Due to large numbers of changes to cards, it is highly recommended you delete your downloaded images (located at LackeyCCG/plugins/msemagic/sets/setimages/)"

New to MSEMHigh Noon and Langor have entered the format! • justnobody's Champion Dark Rite Cultist kicks in the door. • Failing Port has been added to PFP after being accidentally removed before release. • The WB and GU mana rocks Sigil of Martyrdom and Sigil of Creation have been added to the Land Bundle to finish the cycle from AFM and KZD. • Daisite Outlaws brings thirty new ruffians to MSEDH, including five commanders.

Other Card Changes • Amil the Seeker's mana cost has been reduced to 3GW (from 4GW). • Cunning Cephalomancer now triggers on sacrificing a "nonland" permanent. • Dark Rite Cultist's activated ability now requires a tap. • Death's Door's cost has been reduced to 1B (from 2B). • Essence Inversion's mana cost has been increased to 1B (from B). • In Arms now pumps instead of adding counters. • Meteorain can now hit planeswalkers. • Mua, Seishin Ascendant's sacrifice ability now puts counters on target creature rather than itself. • Overkill's temporary rider has been removed. • Palace of Heavenly Sovereigns's cost has been reduced to 5 (from 7). • Worldknit Recourse no longer targets.

Damage Changes As the planeswalker redirect rule is a rule change, MSEM has been errated to adapt to it. The following rules have been applied to the format's cards: • Cards that dealt damage to "target creature or player" now deal damage to "any target" or "target creature, player, or planeswalker" • Cards that dealt damage to "target player" or "target opponent" now deal damage to "target player or planeswalker" or "target opponent or planeswalker" • Cards that dealt damage to players without targeting haven't been changed and now can't damage planeswalkers.

Exceptions Marzen’s Frenzy and Tears of Samang have been worded to still hit planeswalkers at fluffy's request.

-other card changes goes here -

Name Changes Decks using these cards will need to be updated. • Bahum, Drenched in Sorrow -> Bahum, Penitent • Memory Detioration -> Memory Deterioration • Purging Martyr -> Martyr of the Work

Aesthetic Updates Due to the widespread updates already occurring ALL remaining sets have had text issues cleaned up. There may still be a few planeswalkers getting treatment going forward, but this will be the last major update to this.

Submission Reminder! Designers aiming for the next release in August should submit their sets during May or June.

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