Grand Prix Jyväskylä - Ongoing Updates

For the first time, we'll be providing day to day coverage of GPJ for posterity. Keep an eye here for the updates and data as the tournament progresses.

May 13th 2018

  • The Grand Prix begins with 13 players ready to face off. The midnight start date means things kick off quietly though players heavily discuss the meta for this GP over on Discord.

  • Facebook Users Grant Granado and Ulysses Maurer from Magic Set Editor Alliance state that "some of these cards look disgustingly good" and that a "turn 2 flier 5/5 spawned at instant speed seems kinda strong." Other members express interest in joining so that's a plus for us.

  • Windy and Herzi face off in Game 1 of GPJ with Windy taking the lead 2-1 in this tournament. Herzi is knocked down to the Redemption Rounds where he will attempt to climb back to the top. We couldn't reach Windy or Herzi for a recap at this moment.

  • Sylph wins 2-1 over CyberChronometer.

  • Timespiraled wins 2-1 over ThatDamnPipsqueak coming down to the wire. With TDP taking a swift and decisive Game 1, a well placed Akrianos' Command clears Game 2 for Timespiraled while Game 3 is won by Hanabira, Kogane's Legacy sealing up the opponent's board.

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