August 1st Updates

August 1, 2018


Here we are once again at another major milestone for the format! Lots of new cards, quite a few changes, and a whole new playing field as we step out of Season 1 and right on into Season 2.


It may look like a small update, but make sure to click on the Release Note link to go to the MSE website for a lot more details about the new sets.





New to MSEM
• Tales of Old Jiangshi and Carpe Arcanum have been added to the format!
• justnobody's Champion Rock // Roll storms the stage!


Card Changes
• The change to Aether Leak has been partially reverted with a cmc cap.
   Mana cost {X}{U} -> {2}{U}{U} converted mana cost X -> converted mana cost 6
• Arcane Genesis now counters the spell and exiles it if it was countered.
• Clutch of the Coil joins its PSA brethren and is now an Animus.
• Impulsive Plan now says "Exile two cards from your hand. If you do, draw three cards."
• Reworked Mindbreak Artisan.
• Added the artifact type to nine TOW cards. Three of these that referred to artifacts now refer to other artifacts. (Insidious Terror, Phyrexian Illbearer, Gifted Arcanomancer, Igniting Lavaling, Psychic Grid, Grafted Physician, Steel Hunter, Scrapyard Aberration, and Vaultkeeper)


Banlist Changes
• Virida the Forgotten One is banned.


Other Fixes
• Fixed the remaining missing shuffles.
• Fixed Fauna Shaman.
• The K15 Set Symbol has been updated.


Rules Updates
• Introduced "perennial triggers" as seen on TOJ's Enlightenment and The Serpent Throne. These triggered abilities are formatted as such:
    Once each turn, <trigger condition>, you may <effect>. 
• These abilities will trigger as long as you have not chosen to do the "may" portion of the ability this turn for that permanent.
• Introduced Study enchantments. The full rules for these cards will be posted to the forums due to length. Curious Statue (OPO) has received errata to work correctly with them.
• Clones that gain abilities have been updated to reflect new wording. This is slightly functionally different in that those gained abilities are now copiable by other clone effects.


For the first full official release notes, click on the following link:


August 1st Release Notes



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