MSEM2 Community Decks [August]

To continue supporting the MSEM2 Format, you can now check this article each month to see new decks being brewed by the community. Any deck created by a community member can be submitted (simply send the fancified decklist AND the regular list to @Timespiraled on Discord) and I will add it to the monthly article.

Remember to check Event Decks for decks which represent the meta and designed for new MSEM2 players as well as the Featured Decks for the decks that saw play last Grand Prix.

To Download any deck here, simply select the Download list and copy and paste into LackeyCCG. You will need to use the [PASTE] button which can be found here:

Designed by: Timespiraled

Description: Using some new Rogues from Tales of Old Jiangshi and cheap evasive creatures, UB Rogues gains card advantage through Hard Knocks, Mismatched Bandit and Odaya Profiteer, while disrupting the opponent with Aguri and Stolen Secrets. Suzume's Envoy pumps your unblockable army. Agent of Long Shadows allows you to drop Rogues into play for free or bring back fallen Rogues. Finally, Perfect Distraction gives you an extra attacker to get those Distraction triggers to work. Nightshadow Recruiter finishes off the opponent, essentially giving +2/+0 to all your Rogues (not the Cats unfortunately).


4 Nightshadow Recruiter 4 Shadow Courier 4 Invisible Stalker 4 Hard Knocks 4 Suzume's Envoy 4 Agent of Long Shadows 3 Aguri, Shadow of Doubt 2 Perfect Distraction 4 Stolen Secrets 3 Odaya Profiteer 4 Mismatched Bandit 4 Murmuring Falls 3 Flooded Morass 3 Flooded Depths 3 Wayfarer's Shrine 2 Island 3 Swamp 2 Opportunistic Raiders

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