Custom Night Magic Tournament Report - April 29th

On April 29th, we ran the very first Custom Night Magic weekly event. 7 players showed up to compete, and we got in 3 solid rounds of Swiss. Presented below are the deck lists, pairings, and results.


Pairings and Results

Round 1

  • Timespiraled (BG Midrange) vs HonchkrowDavid (WU Immortalize): 2-0

  • FifthDragon (5C Ninjas) vs Chumbeque (RW "Infect"): 2-1

  • Sushiske (GW Death and Taxes) vs Fluffydeathbringer (Red Dragons): 2-0

  • Gayvery: Bye

Round 2

  • FifthDragon (5C Ninjas) vs Gayvery (Temur Dragongate): 2-1

  • Timespiraled (BG Midrange) vs Fluffydeathbringer (Red Dragons): 2-1

  • HonchkrowDavid (WU Immortalize) vs Chumbeque (RW "Infect"): 1-2

Round 3

  • Timespiraled (BG Midrange) vs FifthDragon (5C Ninjas): 1-2

  • Gayvery (Temur Dragongate) vs Chumbeque (RW "Infect"): 0-2

  • Fluffydeathbringer: Bye

Final Standings

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