Team Unified Constructed Decklists

Updated: Oct 11

Welcome to Team Unified Constructed, the Player Initiative Event for October. We've assembled a total of 24 players on 8 teams, who will be battling in a double elimination bracket:

Without further ado, let's get into our teams:

Team Protegganist (Herzi/Egg/6000j)

The Draft Dodgers (Gateways/Kayiu/Dodger)

Team Tinker (Simon/Pipsqueak/Splitmoon)

The Pirates of the Jade Sea (BluesEclipse/Plipster/Augur)

Highway Robbery (Cajun/Krow/Ambrose)

The Mana Dorks(LycoDrake/Chartate10/Astimageon)

Team 7 (FifthDragon/Dravos Argentum/InfinityChef)

The Peacorn Blasters (Lords of Plural/core_blaster/Datacorn)

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Dodger's Brews For The Season

Looking for a good way to break into the format? Well, one of our resident brewers and top tier players, Dodger, has decided to gift us with 20 new brews to start the season.

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