Team Unified Constructed Decklists

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Welcome to Team Unified Constructed, the Player Initiative Event for October. We've assembled a total of 24 players on 8 teams, who will be battling in a double elimination bracket:

Without further ado, let's get into our teams:

Team Protegganist (Herzi/Egg/6000j)

The Draft Dodgers (Gateways/Kayiu/Dodger)

Team Tinker (Simon/Pipsqueak/Splitmoon)

The Pirates of the Jade Sea (BluesEclipse/Plipster/Augur)

Highway Robbery (Cajun/Krow/Ambrose)

The Mana Dorks(LycoDrake/Chartate10/Astimageon)

Team 7 (FifthDragon/Dravos Argentum/InfinityChef)

The Peacorn Blasters (Lords of Plural/core_blaster/Datacorn)

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