Grand Prix events are your bread and butter MSEM2 tournaments. Once a month, our community faces off bringing in the top tier decks in Swiss & Single Elimination Cut Off 1v1 events.

Entry is completely free as always and all you need is Lackey and a legal MSEM2 deck to participate. 

Quick Rules 2019

  • Swiss Event

  • After 3 to 4 rounds, players with a 3-1 or better score move on to the single elimination cut off round.

  • Sideboards are submitted 24 hours after mainboards are submitted.

  • Prix Points are now awarded based on placement not total wins.


Earn your place among the community by winning a Grand Prix Event and getting any one of the cards in your deck commemorated as a alternate frame Champion promo card. Each Grand Prix winner gets to design one of these cards, creating a permanent legacy of our victors!

Earn enough victories to qualify for Top 8 and you'll be able to compete in the Season's Pro Tour!


No time for the Grand Prix this month? Just want to get a few games in? Skirmishes are bi-monthly Swiss events that occur on average twice each month.

The Prix Point payout is smaller, but give players chances to test out new decks in more frequent lower stakes games, and without the Sideboard Rule from GPs.

Skirmishes will require a minimum of 4 players to fire each week.

Quick Rules

  • 3 Round Swiss Event (No Cutoff)

  • Standard MTG Sideboard Rules

  • 1st Place Earns 3 Prix Points, 2nd Place Earns 2 Prix Points and 3rd Place earns 1 Prix Point.

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