Grand Prix events are your bread and butter MSEM2 tournaments. Once a month, our community faces off bringing in the top tier decks in Swiss & Single Elimination Cut Off 1v1 events.

Entry is completely free as always and all you need is Cockatrice (and rarely LackeyCCG) and a legal MSEM2 deck to participate. 

Quick Rules

  • Swiss Event

  • After 3-5 rounds, players with a single loss or less move on to the single elimination cut off rounds.

  • Prix Points are now awarded based on placement not total wins.


No time for the Grand Prix this month? Just want to get a few games in? Leagues are month long  events that give you the chance to play a chosen deck for up to five matches, hoping to get as close to a perfect record (three 5-0s) as you can.

Just hop onto Discord and ask for some @League games to find an opponent.


Want even more? Custom Night Magic Limited Events and Player Initiative Events are happening each month!


CNM Events are live 3 round Draft Events currently taking place every Thursday evening at 19h30 EST. Sign up, show up, and come draft, build, and play!

PIE events are player designed and hosted events. They range from limited to constructed and are a way for our playerbase to play more often in ways not normally done by our regular event schedule.


Successful performances in one of our many events gives you the chance to earn a Championship Promo and leave your mark on the format. When you earn a Promo you get to choose any one card from your winning deck(s) and showcase it in this winner's only promo set.


Championship Promos are won by one of three ways:

  • Winning 1st Place in a Grand Prix monthly event.

  • Having the highest score at the end of a League Season. 

  • Having the highest score at the end of a Grand Prix Season.