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June 5, 2019

Time passes, seasons change, and the format that we knew so well is gone before we even know it. Welcome everyone to Encroaching Seasons, a new column that aims to detail the major changes in MSEM2 from month to month.

We'll take a quick look at the major MSEM2 Changes...

August 12, 2018

Season 2 of MSEM2 fires off with a solid 12 contestant tournament. We have a good variety of different decks this time around, with some different takes on the same type of combo.

Sideboards are due within 24 hours and will be added on to the decks.



April 15, 2018

And we're back with another edition of MSEM2's Grand Prixs! No new sets this month (you'll need to wait until May for that) but votes are pouring in and you'll soon know which new sets will be making their way into the format!

In the meantime, here are this month's 10 c...

March 11, 2018

It's once again time for our next monthly Grand Prix Event. Debuting in just two days, Grand Prix Hong Kong  is looking to be a smaller event, with only 8 players currently locked in. Of course, there's a day and a half left to register so if you just plumb forgot to s...

March 7, 2018

A little late to the party but better late than never. In this update we have the March Patch Notes, the Pre-GPH Patch, the Grand Prix Hong Kong Announcement, and the Deadline for Spring MSEM2 Submissions.

MSEM2 March Changelog
Since we don't have any new sets this mont...

March 7, 2018

Well, we're in March now and GP Fort Lauderdale was not only in January but also occured before the February update but in the grand tradition of "knowing where to go, by knowing where you've been" we're adding in some of the missing content from previous tournaments.


February 12, 2018

February has rolled around and with a new patch (and finally some new sets to bolster up the format) we are heading into our 7th monthly Grand Prix here in MSEM2.

Previous Grand Prix have had their share of innovative decks but mainstays such as UR Tempo have been at th...

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